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Boxing Bella’s

Introducing Boxing Bella’s – where you can exchange the high heels for high tops and enjoy the point of difference in training with a Champion.  Designed for Ladies of every level who enjoy the camaraderie and support of training with like minded women. You will experience amazing results the more you train. If you want results, but are unsure where to start – register with us and get started.  You will find Boxing Bella’s to be an enjoyable way to learn correct boxing skills and build on a foundation of skills to become your sharpest, fittest and strongest yet.  Our Boxing Bella’s learn only the best technique from the basics.  Register your interest in joining by emailing us.

Professional Women Boxing in Brisbane

Our Boxing Bella’s training is best for women who believe in physical fitness. It is sure that you will see remarkable improvement from this training. You will get the most incredible boxing session experience & learn accurate boxing techniques. It will help in boosting your self confidence. Don’t’ wait, you should Register Today!